Saturday, December 15, 2012

Half Litre Egg Drink

Enjoying an EASY 50 grams of protein!

Nootropics for Studying!

Here are my thoughts on studying this term with some supplements that improve your cognitive focus and energy!

Daily Protein Intake

I have been dieting up and dieting down now for quite a while with varying intakes of macronutrients. One thing that I have came to believe through my vast changes in macronutrient intakes seems to be the consumption of protein making a huge difference on body composition.  From my personal experience, relating to performance in the gym, recovery and satiety 1g/lb seems to be the "gold standard" for me.  For me, this equates to 195 grams of protein per day.  While this works for me, the last thing that I am trying to imply is that this is the same for everyone else.

Every single person is unique! I am merely trying to give my insight on what I have found to work well in my situation. In some situations on severe caloric deficits though, I would likely recommend a higher intake, potentially as high as 1.5g/lb to be as muscle sparing as possible. Protein has such an integral part in building muscle and fat loss that it is something all lifters should be making a conscious effort to include in sufficient quantities for our diets.